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Boring Office Commute, Isn't boring

The biCycle bug bit me very hard past 2 years back. Though i was regular biCycle commuter during college days, the greed for motorbike,car made me take a long break off the saddle. The freedom feeling is back when my bums started resting back on the saddle.

Have been commuting to office for about 2 years now. Its so much fun to ride in those busy streets, drizzling rains, chilled nights of Bangalore streets. Getting back on saddle pulled me back into my college days.

anabhyAse viShaM vidyA- when not practiced, knowledge is poison.
Having connected to "PeterVanGeit" through his great work for CTC, never wanted to miss the Navigation Bootcamp he was conducting. The big reason to attend this bootcamp was also to meet Peter in the Final assignment. None of the excuses really matter for meeting Peter. This assignment opened up the new door for my thirst for the trials. It gave me better understanding of the Google Maps/Earth and helped me create my own trails.  After few trail ri…