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Bangalore to Beaches - ByCycle - Day 4 - Wotz Ur Aim

Date: 28th Dec, 2015
Start: Agumbe (0800 Hrs)
End: Agumbe (1800 Hrs)
Distance: 23 Kms ( ByCycle - 8 Kms , Walk 15 Kms)
Terrain: Flat , Thick Forest enroute to OnakeHebbe 

Padsale was the place chosen by us to sleep last night. Padsale used to be there in all the Big houses earlier where they will host the guest. So we were here as perfect guest in “Doddamane”. This was a most homely stay after the 2 days of temple stay.

 Padsale @ DoddaMane
 Rooms @ Doddamane
  Dormitory @ Doddamane
Sanjay, who heads the Agumbe Vikasana Manch was in Doddamane and we had got into some healthy discussion with him last night. We had decided we will be doing some cleaning activity around Agumbe village this morning. Agumbe is well connected to every one who has seen Malgudi Days, and any activity in this village felt homely. This serial was one of the best serial some one would have seen in their child hood and would never miss to see if its screened again on Television.

Doddamane and streets of Agumbe ar…