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Bangalore to Beaches - ByCycle - Day 3 - Redefining UpHill

Date: 27th Dec, 2015
Start: Thirthahalli (0800 Hrs)
End: Agumbe (1700 Hrs)
Distance: 50 Kms ( ByCycle - 50 Kms)
Terrain: Moderate except Kundadri Hills 

Today was the journey which Sid would remember for his lifetime, the journey which changed the definition of uphill for him, the journey which reminded me Kalhatti Ghat. An amazing ride in the western Ghats from Thirthalli to Agumbe
The early morning visit to "Thunga River" for getting fresh was the right decision in the morning. We could hear musical flow of the river in the early morning with very few people around. It was time for us to make our hands little dirty to get back the bikes in shape. After a quickie for the cycles, we were all set to start our journey towards Agumbe.
Quickie for the Bikes Temple Stay
Today journey would be a very relaxing one as the distance we were to cover was 50 Kms. And every one had hopes of reaching Doddamane @Agumbe for lunch. Had a quick and heavy break fast @ a restaurant. The fresh &…

Bangalore to Beaches - By Cycle - Day 1

Date: 25th Dec, 2015
Start: BSK 2nd STG, Bangalore (0070 Hrs)
End: Rangenahalli, Near Lakvalli Dam (2030 Hrs)
Distance: 261 Kms ( Lift - 180 Kms, ByCycle - 81 Kms)
Terrain: Flat

When we have last minute Loki with us, its guranteed to get late. The plan of starting @ 5am didn’t seem practical with Loki. Sunil and Sid were in time, and we waited for Loki to arrive. With last minute packing I had to spare my water bladder. And the most shocking fact that Loki was not carrying a sleeping bag. Assumption is always dangerous in times. God save him in the Malnad cold.  Not planning to look for an alternative for sleeping bag, we quickly started our journey with a sad smile on our family members, except little one, Aaghnee, who did cheer for us.
Its already 0700 AM, its too late for tea and early for breakfast. But when on cycle food is the only fuel and will never say no for it.After the regular 2 Idly-Vada-Tea combination at SLV, we quickly started pedaling towards the Outer Ring Road. It was …

Bangalore to Beaches - By Cycle

The unplanned travel is always better as there are more surprises, and surprises are always exiting. And when you are travelling in Malnad, its rain of refreshing surprises.
As those normal IT people, we did get a shutdown holiday at the end of December 2015.  Our travel plan was very dynamic as there was a critical project to be completed in office, and had to change our departure on Dec 19th, 2015 to Dec 25th,2015. The cost of this change in plan was to miss Satish in this awesome journey.
This time we had three new people joining our Travel Journey Sunil, Lokesh, Siddarth.
Sunil, I better be the VC for his Bike store, as he has inspired so many in his group to take on cycling. And routes mapped by him in South Bangalore are amazing for some one who hates to ride in the regular Traffic.
Lokesh (LOKI), my chaddi dost [though we studied together only in engg], we had cycled together a lot to our college, but since he got married the delicious food made him lazy enough to double his ca…