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Kudremukh Trekking - Oct, 2015

There was lot of complaints from our friends about us alone enjoying all the flora fauna, hills, waterfalls every time we return from a trip. We were too novice to take them along. And when there are female involved its #safetyFirst. But we wanted them to experience the fun, the adventure we had been to. And the 2nd Oct, 2015 to 4th Oct, 2015 long week end gave us an opportunity to organize a trek for our beloved ones. And it wasn't only a trek, a get together, fun, learning, water games etc ... which was all involved along with.

We took along with us 10 people for this trip. Myself,Santhosh and Sunil played the Volunteer role, and the front end was taken care by the XplorerGuide. This is the first adventure trip organised by The Adventure Trips.