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Day 10 & Rest - The Deadly Snow Fall

Date : 27th July, 2015
Start : Tso Kar Lake (0830 Hrs) End : Tanglang La (1430 Hrs) Distance: 45 Kms Terrain: Bad roads with full for dusts

Last night it was quite cold and more over because of the altitude, I could hardly able to sleep. Although it was getting late to start, all of us took extra time to get out of the tent. By the time we were set with our bikes, Bram and Jinji were almost about to start. Jindji definitely heading towards Leh, but Bram decided to spend one more day exploring some of the hidden parts of Tso Kar lake in the mountains. It was a warm see off to both Jinji and Bram from our side. While having breakfast, I heard a word, which I kept on hearing since last two three days and today I came to know the meaning of that. ‘Julley’ is as versatile as cheers in English, as this means ‘good bye’, ‘thank you’, ‘hello’.

With the disappointing Tso Kar Lake certainly the 7 KM ride to catch Debring was painful. It was not the end; the pain became intense, when saw bad, dry an…