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Day 09 - The Ultimate Morey Planes

Date : 26th July, 2015
Start : Biskynala (0830 Hrs) End : Tso Kar Lake (1830 Hrs) Distance: 93 Kms Terrain: Initially it was full of off road with lot of sludge, but later it was a plain on the high altitude

Though we didn't start together in morning, end of the day we are now again with Bram and Jinji, we are camping here at Tso Kar. TsoKar lake was suppose to be a very beautiful lake, but there is no scene of a lake as most of the water is dried :(. We are bit disappointed, specially when we took more than 5 KM off road from Morey Plains to reach here. It's a big place for camping [official place as you can't camp every where at TsoKar] and along with us few more groups are camping. Today we are feeling quite relaxed as we got a chance to take bath with hot water; again thanks to Vijesh for the arrangements, indeed the right one this time. The food over here was also good and now some nice traditional folk event is going on out side, but we three have burned up our energy. S…

Day 08 - The Never Ending Ghata Loops

Date : 25th July, 2015
Start : Sarchu (1015 Hrs) End : Whiskynala (2030 Hrs) Distance: 49 Kms Terrain: Uphill boring deserted off road. The roads were narrow and full of dusts. No source of water anywhere.

Unlike yesterday, it's even more windy and unbearable cold here. We reached late and settled down in a dhaba at Whiskynala. It has got numerous leaks and chilled air making it's way inside. Thanks it has got thick blankets to keep us warm. We even got our food on to our bed for the same reason. This place is exactly in the valley hence makes this place extreme cool.

Because of extreme cold and thin air, we hardly could sleep yesterday and got up early at 5.30 in the morning. Enjoying a cup of hot tea took the preference over wrapping up the tent. At the dhaba, Ashwin's condition was bit bad and he seemed to be suffering from mountain sickness. With out any further delay Vijesh helped him with all the medication, what we were carrying and suggested to consult with a doctor o…