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Checklist : Adventure Motorcycle Expedition

I am writing this post the way myself and Santhosh prepared for the last travel expedition to Kerela and the lesions we learned out of our entire expedition. I am going to list out the things we typically need for a motorcycle expedition for around 15 days. While I am writing this post keeping in mind the level of adventure we both do and the way we do, it could be sometime 100% not applicable to others. 

ClothingParticularsCountRemarkShorts1Full Pants2Cargo, Jeans or any thick cloth pantT-Shirts5Sweat Free or CottonPull Over1Depedning on temperatureRain Cut1Must carry even if it's not a rainy seasonUnderwear5Towel1Quick dry sports towelSocks4CottonChappal1small and lighterhandkerchief3Shoes1High Ancle breatable. Avoid waterproof shuesRiding Jacket1
AccessoriesParticularsCountRemarkRain cut for bag5Good quality plastic bags which can take your bagGloves1Non lether breathableHelmet1Knee Cap1Bag/ Utility Bag1Small one to pick food or other regular stuffsLighter, Match Box, Fire Start…