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Day 16 - Expedition Closure

04-01-2015 2838 KMS
It's 3.30 PM and we just reached Santhosh's house at Bangalore. Our expedition came to an end. The only sad day ofour entire travel was this day. we reached the mostly hated Bangalore city. We just took sometime to remove all the luggage from motorcycle. While I still need to reach my home, I thought of finishing my diary of today.

As we knew Mysore-Bangalore road is worst road to travel in the eveningtime, we decided to wake up early and start early. By 8 we all got ready, as Akshatha was also leaving to Bangalore. We had a nice break fast. The jeep came to pick Akshatha and Aunt. This time Santhosh was starting the ride and we struggled a lot to cross the same stream. Even though I did not take bath in the morning, back tyre of the motorcycle in side water drenched me completely, as I was trying to give some support to Santhosh by pushing the motorcycle from back. It was quite funny for me, while we were waiting for Akshatha's bus to Bangalore at Kal…

Day 15 - From Sea Beach to an Abandoned House

03-01-2015 2527 KMS
Santhosh did not have a good sleep last night, so I took the charge and drove till this breakfast point. While it will take some time for the breakfast to get ready, I don't want you guys to miss the experience, we had last night. Are we so lucky to the Malabar region or is it that we had to have that disastrous experience as part of our travel expedition. 
Last night, while we were in deep sleep, we felt some one sprinkling water over us. First we thought it would be some cop, but soon we realized that it started drizzling. Lazy enough to get up, we covered up ourselves completely with sleeping bags and went back to sleep. It was not even ten minutes, I woke up and told Santhosh "Sale barish jorse hoga lag raha he" (It seems heavy rain is approaching), Santhosh in sleep "Are samundar me barish nahi hota be, So jaa" (It never rains in sea, just sleep). I too agreed with Santhosh's concept and slept.  As said earlier, we were lucky to Ma…

Day 14 - The Ultimate Beach Ride

2429 KMS

Adu oru plate" (that one plate), "Idu Enna"(Whats this), “Ok idhu oru plate” (this one place), “Innu koncha fish curry” (And some fish curry).The Hotel guy is totally confused by Satish's eating habit. By now I have already completed my vegetarian lunch with only few option available and have scribbling down what we did from morning.
We found a nice dark place to settle down with Shakila last night in Calicut beach. After learning from our past experience, we did not put our tent there and just used sleeping mat and sleeping bag. Since we were tired and had an awesome dinner it didn't take us much time to dream. It was pitch dark and we could hear the beach sound quite loud and clear. Except mosquito it was all pleasant there.
Wake up re, see this amazing view” … both tired body never missed to see the fantastic view of the moon set. The moon was so big and the bright path it created over the waves of the sea was welcoming for us to walk …