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Day 12 - Beer !!! No Queue

31-12-2014 1976 KM
Bright sunny day, Cherai Beach view and premium beer made a perfect ambiance to relax and write down our experience earlier today. Of course we did not have to stand in a queue to buy beer this time.
It was torture to hear the orchestra of "Kothuku" (Mosquito) for full night. As it is the last day of the year, we were in relaxing mood to wake up. It was 10 AM and we were ready to explore more about Fort Kochi, but decided to satisfy our stomach before that. At an unknown road, we found a hotel and I asked the hotel owner "Puttu Irukka" (do you have puttu), He replied "Irukku" (yes it's there), i asked again "Suda" (is it hot), and he just nodded. We were happy for finding a traditional place having hot puttu and barged in. I bet this was the worst break fast, we had in our journey till now. It was so cold, we felt he got this out from freezer. We ended up sharing only one puttu and started searching for a better break fas…

Day 11 - The Dream Come True

30-12-2015 1912 KM
Satish is a very good bathroom singer too. Of course I wouldn't have identified this talent, if we would not have taken a room at Fort Kochi. Let me start of with the experience we had till now, while he is refining his singing talent. 
That was the first time we had put the tent in the beach side last night. First challenge was to get Shakila near by our  1BHK, next was to get supporting stones, as the nails wouldn't fit in the sand. With the windy climate, we struggled a bit to put the outer layer of the tent. While Satish was busy with the yesterday's write up, we could able to feel warm and humid condition inside our 1 BHK. 
At around 1:30 AM I heard, "Santhosh, get up re, lets pack up and start to Kochi". I was wondering what's wrong and saw Satish drenched in sweat, sitting in front of me. I was almost lost in my dreams, when he tried waking me up. Hopefully the toddy worked very well on me but not on Satish. I could realize then, it wa…

Day 10 - The Beautiful Kuttanad at Alleppey

29-12-2015 1854 KM
We missed the boat to Kuttanad, we did not get Toddy, we had hard time to back up our photos and now we are waiting for our bike to be delivered after a service. Why to waste time, let me start writing about our experience earlier this morning. 
With the disastrous toddy blast and crap dinner, we somehow managed to sleep in that toddy fragrance room. It did not matter a lot for us, as we were out of energy and stamina. Today we got up early as we had lot of things to finish, before we would leave Alleppey. Right after getting freshen up, we started towards Punnamada, which is the starting point of Nehru Trophy (Snake Boat Race). It was quite disappointing to see the starting point of the back water at the house boat parking area. The entire place was badly littered by tourists. At the first glance, we almost decided to start further towards Kochi on the back water bank. At the boat station, the house boats were really nice with all those luxury facilities. Out of c…