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It’s been a long time now since Harsh and I have been planning to go for a trip, and we did a lot of enquiry about Agumbe, the rain forest; the home of The King (I mean the cobra). But unfortunately last week we could not make it due to some health problems. But then guess what, we are now at a hotel near the KSRTC bus stop at Mangalore. YES!, last Tuesday as usual the game changer Navnish entered into our plans and routed the trip to Mangalore instead of Agumbe. For a change we left our trusty steeds in Bangalore this time.

Last night we went to the bus stop and took one of the KSRTC’s 6 wheeled glories to Mangalore. After enjoying some Tulu versions of Mohabbatein songs, bad roads and two punctures we finally reached Mangalore at 7.30 AM. Ohh!! we are ready to move. Bye..
Finally, the day ended at 11 PM. After knowing that Aswith our trusted friend and chauffer for the trip will be taking another one hour to reach here, we proceeded for “pet puja” aka breakfast. Many things got tas…